Will Dailey : S1E14

Five(ish) Questions - Will Dailey

Will Dailey is a versatile and award-winning musician based in Boston, Massachusetts whose latest record Golden Walker will be out on June 1st. He is deeply involved with multiple charitable organizations including Farm Aid, Foundation to Be Named Later, and Zumix as well as other local organizations. He's a husband and a father of two, and a genuinely down-to-earth, affable, and humble human being. 

I met up with Will at his home and studio just outside of Boston where we had a long and compelling chat about the positive impact on the arts of affordable access to healthy food, the selfishness of making art, the difference between quitting and moving on, the consequences of trying to do everything by yourself, the automatic privilege of being a white male, that guns represent weakness and fear, and we even had time to go off on a tangent about our magical experiences of seeing Pearl Jam in concert for the first time. Meet Will.