About Five Questions

Five Questions is a podcast hosted by me, Steve Molter, and accompanied by black and white portraits of my guests. Its goal is to explore the oneness of humanity by asking life's bigger questions. Questions that focus on the way a person thinks, the way they feel, and their core values.

Five Questions is the exploration of our own vulnerability
through unfiltered conversation.

I originally presented each conversation as a portrait accompanied by a transcription of the conversation. But in 2018, I leapt into the podcasting arena at which point audio versions of the conversations have replaced the transcriptions giving them an actual voice as well as a more dynamic life.

Here's a rad short film about Five Questions by Tony Lugo:


About Steve Molter

Along with being the host of Five Questions, I'm a musician, photographer, designer, and writer. Most importantly, I believe in people. You can learn all about me and peruse my work at stevemolter.com.

About the Music

Music is an integral part of each episode. I feature songs from artists with whom I have a deep connection. Some of the artists are my friends, some are projects I'm directly involved with, some are folks who were guests on the program, and others are musicians whose work I adore. I created a Spotify playlist for those of you who'd like to hear the complete pieces.