Kalmia Traver (Rubblebucket) : S1E13

Five Questions - Kalmia Traver (Rubblebucket)

Kalmia Traver is the front-woman, co-band leader, and saxophonist for the art-pop-dance band Rubblebucket. She has an equally dynamic solo project called Kalbells which performs with an all female band. She is an avid nature lover having spent her childhood in the woods of Vermont. And most importantly, she's a cancer survivor.   

I met up with Kal backstage at the House of Blues in Boston at which Rubblebucket was headlining the annual world music festival CRASHfest. (They absolutely crushed it, by the way.) We found a spot in the wings and watched a killer performance by Flor De Toloache, then found a cozy corner backstage and chatted about finding peace inside relationships, the powerful spirit of an all female band, Kal and her mom's revolutionary love experiment, the lessons of trees, breaking up a romantic relationship with your bandmate and remaining a band, experiencing infinity in love, and also randomly discovered that Kal went to high school with my cousin. Small world! Oh, and she answered Five Questions. Meet Kal.