Hammock : S2E2

Five Questions - Hammock

Hammock intertwines musical sub-genres of modern classical, ambient, post-rock, and shoegaze with ease, while consistently walking the fine emotional line between hope and despair. They truly are masters of emotion. Hammock is also regarded in the highest company of similarly influential artists, and their music has been featured in film (Columbus soundtrack), video games (Far Cry 5 soundtrack), radio (BBC), and TV (Ricky Gervais’ Afterlife).

Marc Byrd and Andrew Thompson, the two members of Hammock, also happen to be lovely human beings. They graciously invited me to Marc’s home studio where we dove deep into the challenges of life in many different facets, as we normally do here at Five Questions. And today, during our chat, Marc opened up about something that he had never shared publicly before: His 5-year struggle with alcohol addiction which he called “a journey into authenticity.”

I am honored that Marc chose to share his story with me and the listeners of Five Questions. His fortitude reaffirmed in me that this project is a safe space for the vulnerability of humans like Marc, like Andrew and me, like all of us.

Marc, Andrew, and I also spoke about a ton of other deep and contemplative thoughts and feelings, and of course, they answered Five Questions. Meet Hammock.