Jordan Rich : S1E18

Five Questions - Jordan Rich

Jordan Rich is a seasoned veteran of the broadcasting industry and a staple of Boston’s airwaves having worked in the field for nearly forty years. His silky smooth voice that was destined for radio complements his interest in people and their lives. He happens to be a good friend of my dad’s too. The two of them worked in radio together in Boston for many years.

Since his retirement (if you can call it that with all the work he does), he has continued sharing peoples’ stories on his podcast On Mic with Jordan Rich. A show on which I was a guest.

I connected with Jordan at his studio in Massachusetts where we conducted back-to-back interviews of each other for our podcasts. During the recording of Five Questions, Jordan opened up about delivering the eulogy at his first wife’s funeral, how comfort and excitement are key components of true love, and how he finds joy in life by affecting people in a positive way. And you got it, he answered Five Questions. Meet Jordan.