Terry Marshall : S1E8

Five(ish) Questions - Terry Marshall

Terry Marshall is deeply involved in social justice. He is the founder and strategy architect at Intelligent Mischief, a creative action design lab using culture, narrative and design to hack social change. Terry also founded Streets is Watching and the Hip Hop Media Lab. He is an affiliate trainer and consultant for the Center for Story-based Strategy (CSS), a Beautiful Trouble trainer, co-founder of The BlackOut Collective and sits on the board for Center for Artistic Activism. He's also an extremely personable, kind, and warm-hearted person.

After a few missed attempts at meeting up in New York, Terry and I finally linked up at a Ula Café in Jamaica Plain and chatted about getting lost in Cuba with no money and little Spanish, how he got involved in social justice work, fighting back against systematic racism, going to a Sunni Muslim school as a child, observing human behavior, his comic book geekness, and how boring death is. And he totally answered Five Questions. Meet Terry.