Adam Wasserman : S1E3

Five Questions - Adam Wasserman

Adam Wasserman is a Flywheel Sports Lead & Master Instructor in New York City. We first met wayyy back in the late-90s at the University of Rhode Island where we attended the theatre program together as acting majors. Many moons went by and both of us took very different paths in our lives before we linked up again. But after years of pursuing our dreams, moving around the country, following the never-ending pull to grow, and becoming very different men than when we met, Adam and I fell right back into line as friends. 

Adam and his dog Bella were kind enough to let me crash at their place for a few days when I was wrapping up a course in New York. I was super fortunate when he agreed to be a guest. We chatted about panic attacks, taking responsibilities for our actions, adoption, knowing when to ask for help, and of course he answered Five Questions. Meet Adam.