Shigga Shay : Interview 28

Five Questions - Shigga Shay

Shigga Shay is a Singaporean rapper, music fanatic, voice of the people, and cultural explorer. He’s also inquisitive, generous, and genuine. Shigga and I spent some time recently checking out concerts, talking shop, making late-night diner runs, and exploring Los Angeles. Meet Shigga.

Who is the most important person in your life?

My mum. I practically owe her everything, man. Raising me, teaching me to be who I am today. In a lot of ways, man. Not to be a rapper [laughs], but how to be a person.

What is your greatest fear?

Losing my mom. 

Me: Is that something that’s realistic at this point?

Shigga: Not really. But, I mean, I lost my dad. So I lost my dad when I was seventeen, so it made me realize how much—how important family is. How much of an impact it can have on you. And how important it is to tell your loved ones that you love them and to spend time with them. Another is probably not trying. Not trying is one of my biggest fears. I don’t wanna miss an opportunity. If it’s an opportunity that’s there and I have the capability to get it done. I’ll just go for it. And if I miss that—I’m afraid of missing that. 

How do you define being “in love”?

Ahhh…how would I define being in love. Uh, it’s…uh. Well. That's a difficult question! [Laughter] I don’t think I know, man, cuz I don’t think I’ve been in love. That way. 

Me: Well what is “that way.” You know what I mean?

Shigga: I mean, like, I don’t think I’ve really wanted to spend the rest of my life with somebody before. So far because of my career, man. It’s not like I—I think love is a very strong word. So I really don’t know how to define what being in love is because I don’t think I’m in the right position to say that I’ve been in love before. But I’ve definitely—I don’t wanna say fallen in love, but I’ve liked a couple girls more than normal. But there wasn’t one person that made me feel a certain way and I know for sure that she feels the same way too. I’ll let you know when I find out what love is, man! [Laughter] Maybe, I don’t know. Soon.

Me: Before you leave LA.

Shigga: Nah, that’s too quick! [Laughter]

What's one thing you don't know now, but feel compelled to know?

[Long pause] Knowing where my ancestors came from exactly. That would be something I want to know before I die. 

Me: Do you have an idea of where that is?

Shigga: China, I guess. I’m Chinese. [Laughs] I’m sure somewhere from there, but I’m not sure exactly where and which village, so yeah, that’s something I wanna know before I die.

What will you miss the most when you’re gone?

Whoa! This is so heavy, man! [Laughter] 

Me: That’s how I roll, man!

Shigga: I’ll miss life, man. I’ll just miss life. In general, I’ll miss everything about life. Being able to walk, being able to talk, being able to eat, being able to smile, being able to see. I’ll miss all of that.