Mia Nguyen : Interview 3

Five Questions - Mia

Meet Mia. 

Is there a moment in your life that you wish you could change?

I think. I think it would be the moment when I was in high school. I was in year twelve and I decided that I- I didn’t entirely give up when I was trying to do my exams, except I decided to not do as much. As I could have. It’s not that I necessarily regret it, except I think my parents, my family would be happier if I tried harder. Cuz it’s not something that they’re totally, like, not happy with. I got a pretty good score. But I can tell, like- They do sometimes just occasionally say, “You could, you could’ve done better.” Even I know that. I could’ve done better. But it’s not something, like, totally important to me. I don’t really care about it anymore, but if I really had to change something it’s probably, like, that. And also every embarrassing moment of my life. Just, like, late at night when I think of something- something happens to me when I wanna cringe. Just every [one] of those moments. But particularly probably that moment when I was just in year twelve and I just- instead of studying, I watched “Community” instead. 

What is the most memorable pain you’ve ever felt?

This is, like, related to [my] year twelve experience. It was after my exams and I was in Vietnam and I just- I don’t know what it was, I think it was a panic attack. And I- yeah, I had a panic attack over my results because I thought I did really badly. And yeah, it wasn’t, like, a physical pain or anything. It was, like, emotional. I just couldn’t stop crying. It was, like, in front of everyone, so I was really embarrassed as well. After I took the test, before I got my results. It was two days after- after the exams I just went straight to Vietnam with my family. And ya know it was just like, at a family dinner table, I was just, like, I started thinking of my results again and I was, like, “Oh my god.” And I was getting them back on the day that I came back to Australia. And I got it so my [inaudible] would text me and my brother had my phone. And so, like, everyone else found out before me. And I was just, like. The complete stress of it afterwards was, like, the worst thing. I think it was, like, the worst. Just the stress of, like, knowing what the results would be. That was probably the most memorable pain. But it’s not that bad now. And pretty recent. Kind of.

Who is the most important person in your life?

Just one person? Umm. I’m gonna say my mum. Because, yeah. It wasn’t until this year that I became really close with her. Cuz I felt more confident with myself, so I was able to talk to her more. And, like, I always saw- like, my brother used to tell her things and be really close with her and I just- when I was young I just didn’t understand it. Cuz you think, like, “Wouldn’t you wanna keep those things from your mum?” But then it wasn’t until this year, like, I realized that she’s a really open person, she doesn’t judge you for anything like that. If you asked me this, like, last year, I would’ve said my brother. Cuz he’s a cool dude, obviously. And he’s a nice person. He’ll support you, whatever. But yeah, I realized my mum is pretty much the same person as well. But also mum.

What’s one thing you don’t know now, but feel compelled to know?

How the cosmos work. This is gonna sound really weird, but I’m really interested in, like, astronomy and stuff like that. So, like, before I die I really wanna just understand everything that I can about how stars are formed and made and, like, black holes and stuff like that. I don’t know why; that’s the first thing that came to my head. I should’ve said motherhood or something like that. [Laughs] Motherhood’s, like, another thing as well, but um. And also understanding how to, like, talk to people and, like, understand them as well. Especially because if I wanna do, like, psychology. And, like, how to make them feel comfortable. Like, allow them to be however they wanna be in front of me as well. Like, being able to talk to them well and just… Like, show them that you’re listening and stuff like that. Especially with children as well.

What will you miss most when you are gone?

Movies. [Laughs] Movies are the first thing that came to my head. I’m pretty sure there’s more things. I just. Being able to experience something different as well. Like…discovering new things and just- I get really excited over everything and just, like, having that feeling where you’re, like, really excited about something as well, like something to look forward to.